ReNae Davis Walla Walla Washington Real Estate Broker
ReNae Davis Washington Broker


What makes a good realtor? ReNae will tell you it’s being available, listening, finding answers if you don’t have them, and being the first to discover that newly listed house that could be the perfect one for her client. 


ReNae loves the flexibility, freedom, and variety in her daily work—and yes, even organizing the paperwork! To her, there’s nothing like experiencing the excitement of stepping into that perfect house and seeing the face of her client when they discover it's right for them. 


Ever since she and her husband purchased and renovated their first mobile home as young students, she knew they had found a shared passion. Many purchases, renovations, and home sales later, she’s come to know what’s possible when looking for that perfect home or property.

ReNae believes that finding the right house is just the first step and that the real work begins once the offer is accepted. Helping her clients navigate the process smoothly and working through the inevitable obstacles is a challenge she embraces. ReNae is attentive and organized. She believes that setting expectations and communicating well can minimize the stress for her buyers and sellers.


Convinced that Walla Walla offers everything—outdoor life, restaurants, parks, great people, three renowned colleges, two airports, no traffic, and affordable housing—ReNae is an avid fan of the area and brings an infectious enthusiasm to her work. 


At age five, ReNae saw a movie and sobbed with joy at the discovery of her love for the arts. So, it was no surprise that she and her husband began their careers performing as musicians and dancers around the globe before moving to Walla Walla, where she taught music for grades K-8. Today you can still see her love of music as she produces her one-of-a-kind Sing and Sell music videos for some of her listings. 

Outside of work, she enjoys board games, biking, reading, writing, watching movies and spending time at home with her family. A perfect day for ReNae? It would start with meditation, making a list of things for which she is grateful, reading a good book, writing 25 affirmations, handwriting a card to someone, and listening to podcasts.